Trade Mark is a visual symbol in the form of a word, name, logo, label and other forms as applied to an vendible article,with a view to indicate origin of manufacture/service/vendor in that respect and enable customers to distinguish the product of one manufacturer from the goods of the other.

Our trademark attorneys assist the clients in obtaining and maintaining a registered trademark, including conducting all necessary trademark clearances, preparing, filing and prosecuting applications, defending opposition proceedings and handling any other matters that may arise in connection with the client’s trademark applications. We also bring cancellation proceedings regarding other trademarks that are ambiguous or partially alike our client’s trademarks.

Trademark Prosecution

Selecting and using a trademark is a critical component in building a memorable company brand and attracting loyal customers. Our trademark lawyers provide well-rounded and all-inclusive legal counseling on choosing and registering a recognizable trademark including –

  • product and service names
  • logos and artwork
  • distinctive designs
  • taglines or slogans
  • and more

In order to successfully prosecute a company’s trademark, we conduct comprehensive trademark searches and clearances.